Community Bible Reading

Our mission is to establish and maintain a culture throughout Lakeland in which every Christian develops the heart for and the habit of seeing God through His Word and seeking, according to His Word and in community, a mind and heart transformed to the image of Christ.

About CBR

The Spiritual Dynamics Team at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Lakeland, Florida developed the Community Bible Reading (CBR) program in 2005 and introduced it to a pilot group that summer. They produced the first schedule in September 2005 and began encouraging people in the habit of daily Bible reading and scripture memory.

While the program used to offer two reading schedules (a three year plan and a one year plan), the program moved to offer one reading schedule in the past few years. We have moved back to idea of two schedules this year, as people have asked for the option. This plan allows you to read through the Bible in a calendar year by reading one New Testament chapter and three Old Testament chapters each weekday and three Old Testament chapters every weekend. You can also read through the Bible in three years by reading the first two columns this year, the first and third columns next year, and the first and fourth columns the following year. The goal of the program is unchanged: that you develop a habit of and a love for Bible reading that lasts a lifetime.

What better ways to understand the life that the Bible brings than to read, meditate on, journal about, and discuss chapters with your family and friends. Since its inception, CBR has reached hundreds of people in Polk County and several area churches. Those who have moved away from the area have taken CBR with them to Gainesville, Boston, Chicago, and even Swaziland, Africa.

Join CBR with your friends in Lakeland and around the world. To ask us questions, or to tell us that you have started Community Bible Reading, email us at